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J. Sperling Reich
Executive Editor of Celluloid Junkie
Asked a question 2 years ago

What collaboration tools are exhibitors, distributors, service providers and manufacturers currently using to make working remotely a little easier?

Since our first live session we've received so much feedback, emails and questions we feel it would be wrong just to store it all as a survey response. 

For that reason we've created this community where you'll be able to bring up new topics, ask questions, discuss directly with each other, and continue the discussion also after the webinar has ended.

On behalf of the cinema community: Thank you for contributing!

To ensure that our customers and partners get a quick response and always reach the right person in our organization we invite all stakeholders onto a Slack59 channel where all developers and project managers relating to that individual project are also included.

This ensures that everyone in our organization who should know is always aware of our customers immediate needs, and wishes. It also ensures that appropriate actions are taken as fast as possible.

This was already our workflow before the virus outbreak, but is certainly helping communication and workflow tremendously now when everyone is working from home.

Station creates a unified platform for all your apps. Imagine your tool bar alerting you to Google Chat messages, email, whatsapp, tasks, and calendar alerts. Asana is pretty good delegating tasks. For CRM, Raynet was clunky but decent for building a database. 

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