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Asked a question 2 years ago

Could we use this crisis as an opportunity for a good shake up of the industry model? If distributors want to shorten the theatrical windows or go to VOD date & date, then exhibitors need something in return, reduced rates, more relaxed minimum screening requirements etc. We are still working to a model built around 35mm print availability. It’s time to move forward!

Since our first live session we've received so much feedback, emails and questions we feel it would be wrong just to store it all as a survey response. 

For that reason we've created this community where you'll be able to bring up new topics, ask questions, discuss directly with each other, and continue the discussion also after the webinar has ended.

On behalf of the cinema community: Thank you for contributing!

I think rewarding smaller distributors with niche films on targeted dates should promote fairness. In particular, showcasing local films and a budget minded classic film

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