The last #CJCinermaSummit of 2020 took place on Dec 17th. Since launching there have been 31 Summits to date including the Special APAC Event. Little did we know when the Summit started that it would be broadcasting out to to 96 countries worldwide with contributions and insights from international, national, regional and independent cinemas, distributors, vendors, suppliers and festivals. Rounding off 2020 there's been +100 speakers and guests listed on the recording (thank you); +2,000 unique companies registered including all major studios and distributors; +3,800 unique registered delegates with 85% returning on a regular basis; 300 - 700 Chat messages per live session keeping you all connected; 341 days of recorded Summit Content consumed: 341 days or 8,196 hours; 12,374 Summit Broadcast recording playbacks. See you all again in the New Year! #cinema
Christmas Special Recording link: